Chatelaillon-Plage. The Nutrition 17 association goes back to school with “Le mois Sport santé”

Chatelaillon-Plage.  The Nutrition 17 association goes back to school with “Le mois Sport santé”
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Chatelaillon-Plage. The Nutrition 17 association goes back to school with “Le mois Sport santé”

By Antoine Collin
Posted September 12, 2022 at 8:03 pm

On Saturday 10 September the Nutrition 17 association organized a gigantic aquagym in the sea on the occasion of the “SPORT-HEALTH month” event. A first event that kept all its promises.

This article is accompanied by a video report.

Chatelaillon-Plage.  The Nutrition 17 association goes back to school with “Le mois Sport santé”
Camille Gravouil, founder of Nutrition 17, will propose many events during the year 2022-2023 related to wellness, sport and nutrition. (© Antoine Colin)

“A sedentary lifestyle is a health time bomb. ” In a report returned in July 2021 on the evaluation of public health prevention policies, deputies Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe (LREM) and Régis Juanico (Génération.s) made an alarming observation: the French are not moving enough.

According to this report, 54% of men and 44% of women between 18 and 74 are “overweight or obese”. More generally, up to 5 million deaths a year could be avoided if the world population were more active, reports theWorld Health Organization (WHO).

See the report.

To encourage the people of Rochelle and Charentais-maritime to put on their sneakers, Camille Gravouil, founder of the Nutrition 17 association, therefore decided to bet on sport-healththe practice of physical activities that contribute to physical, psychological and social well-being and health.

And what’s better than the Sport-Health month to motivate as many people as possible? With the support of Nutrition 17the event comes back into effect with a rich program at the beginning of September.

The program has already started on September 3rd and will end on September 1stuh October. For the latecomers, it is still possible to register for the damn sum of 15 euros. A full presentation is available at Youtube under the item “launch of the health sport month 2022”.

Last Saturday there was also an aquagym session in the sea on the beach of Châtelaillon. Objective achieved for this school year beginning as about thirty participants took part in the game in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

“An unrepeatable adventure”

For its second edition, the Sport-Salute month returns with a new program. Sports, nutritional and culinary coaching, sports sessions for everyone, an adapted shopping list … Everything is ready to allow you to regain the health of iron.

For this, Nutrition 17 works on two aspects. First of all, therefore, it organizes sports sessions led by specialized coaches adaptable to all levels throughout the month of September, to which is added a more global, health-oriented treatment, a “physical activity education.

We started with an observation for the creation of Nutrition 17. There are more and more people with diabetes, or cardiovascular risks. The numbers are on the rise. So I wanted to offer dietary advice. And since this was not enough, I tried to broaden my field of action by proposing new activities, especially sports. Camille Gravol. Founder of Nutrition 17.

The second part focuses on the culinary aspect. A shopping list is provided for the entire month and a daily cooking recipe is prepared by a great partner chef who officiates in the region.

The participants of the “Sport-santé Month” were able to enjoy a good water aerobics session. (© Antoine Colin)

This set is part of the health tripod, along with healthy eating and sleep. Thus, the goal of the association and its founder Camille Gravouil is clear: prescription sport, in a sense.

We proposed a water aerobics to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and invite the participants to move a little more. In water it is all the more beneficial because it does not damage the joints and works the muscles well. Beyond sports and dietetics, you need to pay attention to your sleep, don’t be alone and don’t hesitate to share.

The nutritionist also wishes to raise awareness of the consumption of quality food and the practice of a sporting activity, but also the adoption or confirmation of good life habits in general.

To stir up preconceptions about food, to promote awareness of healthier lifestyles and a more sustainable way of consuming, these are the missions that Nutrition 17 has set itself, which continues to launch events and events.

Throughout the month of September we will continue sports sessions and give dietary advice. Thereafter, every two months, Nutrition 17 organizes other half-day sporting events with three workshops and a conference on a specific theme. A sports session and a cooking workshop with a chef ”.

Thanks to this initiative, well-being and healthy eating are reappearing in the daily life of many people. Especially since hope may be on a near deadline. In 2024 Paris will host the Summer Olympics. A horizon that should make it possible to bring more physical activity back into the daily life of the French.

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