Covid-19: return of the mask, limited gatherings … The European Union warns of a return of the epidemic this autumn

Covid-19: return of the mask, limited gatherings … The European Union warns of a return of the epidemic this autumn
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The summer wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, spurred by Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, showed that the pandemic is not over yet, as the virus continues to circulate in Europe and beyond.

The European Commission on Friday warned of the possible need to reintroduce measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the coming months, including the return of the use of masks and the limitation of gatherings depending on the context. The European Union also insists on the importance of continuing to vaccinate to keep the pandemic under control.

The Community Executive released on Friday 2 September a report on how European Union (EU) countries should prepare to respond to the coronavirus ahead of next autumn and winter.

Despite the importance of vaccines, the Commission also stresses the importance of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” to stem the pandemic, including the use of masks and limiting the size of the gatherings of people.

We are now proposing measures to member states to protect our citizens from COVID-19 during the fall and winter season.

We must act in a coordinated way to avoid a new wave of \ u2193 cases# Stronger together

– European Commission \ ud83c \ uddea \ ud83c \ uddfa (@UEFrance) September 2, 2022

Our experience with this pandemic has shown that our efforts must include non-pharmaceutical interventions to limit the spread of the virus, protect vulnerable groups and reduce pressure on health systems.“says the document.

Depending on the epidemiological situation, non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as face masks or limitation of the size of gatherings, to limit the spread of the virus remain an essential part of the Member States’ toolbox. It is important that all Member States are ready to reintroduce public health measures based on clear thresholds. Any measures implemented in schools should be adapted to the educational context and age group and minimized to avoid any interruption in education.

Brussels warns him “The last two years have shown that the EU could face a new wave of Covid“, Coinciding with the return of the population after the holidays, the reopening of schools and the lowering of temperatures.

It also appears from this document that “The EU will face a season of active circulation of other respiratory viruses, including influenza“, which poses”a challenge for already overburdened national health systems“.

Therefore, the EU recommends continuing current vaccination strategies, using available vaccines, bridging gaps between the population and prioritizing the administration of an additional booster dose to specific population groups, such as those over 60 years of age. , people with other diseases or immunocompromised and pregnant women.

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