Olivier Véran publishes a book to “apologize”

Olivier Véran publishes a book to “apologize”
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In Parisianthe former health minister believes that the time has come to “show transparency”.

Overnight, he became the face of an unprecedented health crisis. It’s said. Olivier Véran, former Minister of Health, publishes a book, Beyond the waves (Robert Laffont) on the months spent managing a country paralyzed by the coronavirus.

A book to justify you? No, the now delegate minister for Democratic Renewal refutes in an interview with Parisian. A book forwitness” And “show transparency“. But also for”present [s]apologies“.

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A part of the public criticized us for knowingly lying about the masks, to hide the deficiency“, Remembers Olivier Véran with our colleagues. “This is not the case. The truth is that we made a mistake on the masks, no more and no less.Therefore, he continues, that among the constraints imposed by the government during the first confinement, some may, in retrospect, be considered absurd. “When we will reopen the terraces of the restaurant requesting planters or Plexiglas panels to separate the tablestakes as an example. Makes you modest, crisis management …

“I touched my finger on the burn-out”

A book that takes stock, but also a book “very personal” in a way “not to hide anything“. Olivier Véran comes to confide:I have touched the burn-out, I think.“Short nights, nausea and stress”permanent»…«I started meditating, it helped me a lot“, He says daily.

Before returning to the search that had been carried out in his apartment while an investigation into the health emergency was launched. An episode “violent“, He believes. “When I went to bed at 2am, and the day before the state of health emergency was just pronounced, eighteen magistrates and police officers in armbands arrived in my living room. (…) It is normal for justice to work, but not abnormal to experience this violation of my privacy as something violent.

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