The medical students will support the doctors of the Maison de santé de Corbigny

The medical students will support the doctors of the Maison de santé de Corbigny
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A few days ago Pierre-Yves Billiard explained that “nothing has been done in this file and therefore it was absolutely premature to talk about it”. While discussions have taken place within the Maison de santé de Corbigny to consider a possible installation of this general practitioner (who would currently work in Côte-d’Or), “the topic should not be mentioned this year”, according to Laurent. Magne, head of the health project in the Pays Nivernais Morvan.

“For the moment he is still in Dijon. It is not forbidden to think that he is thinking about this installation. But we are not at all in concrete things. I don’t think anyone wants it to be advertised until things are done. ”Problem: The spouse is a good caregiver but he would be a specialist who could therefore not practice in a retirement home.

Corbigny is desperate for a new doctor

Another difficulty: these professionals would be in great demand. It is therefore with caution that the various authorities are working tactfully on this issue “so as not to scare them. Because too much waiting on the part of the population could well discourage it ”.

Within the Order of Doctors of Nièvre, it is also confirmed that no new installation request has yet been submitted in Corbigny. “Dr. Billiard’s daughter provides substitutes in Côte-d’Or. Hopefully this is under study and well underway. I count on Pierre-Yves (Billiards) to be effective and convincing (laughs) “, Underlines, for his part, the president of the Order, Thierry Lemoine.

Alternative ways to strengthen consultations

However, the Pays Nivernais Morvan continues to create alternative ways to find doctors. If the track of the couple of doctors, holders of British degrees, is always active, there are other solutions. A doctor from the Maison de santé, Léonardo Cassini, has just completed his training to become a training supervisor. He has begun to supervise medical students, which will allow for additional consultation time on the ground.

“We already know that there will be further consultations possible at the beginning of the school year in September at the Maison de santé,” says Laurent Magne. A student (or even two) will therefore arrive in the fall to lend a hand to the medical team already in place. “They will be able to take over the teams by operating consultation times”, Laurent Magne emphasizes.

However, according to the latter, the summer in Corbigny went well: “When a general practitioner went on vacation, a replacement was organized and it was effective throughout the summer. We were not left without a doctor… ”. More good news.
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